Exploration & Production

Petrolia SE holds 49.9% of the share capital of Petrolia NOCO and is the main shareholder. The Petrolia NOCO shares are registered with ticker “PNO” on the NOTC (www.notc.no), a market place for unlisted shares. To read more about Petrolia NOCO please visit the webpage http://www.petrolianoco.no Petrolia NOCO’s focus is on contributing to the energy transition through finding more oil and gas in prolific areas of the Norwegian continental shelf in order to maximise utilisation of existing infrastructure in a sustainable way and create next generation value. The objective is to create value through innovative and cost-efficient exploration by challenging underexplored play models and discovering more resources in near-field core areas on the Norwegian continental shelf.

With focus on early monetization, the company combines traditional exploration methods with new technologies, taking advantage of being a young, lean and data driven exploration team, free from established “truths”, motivated by strong and innovation focused management. In July 2020 this resulted in a significant discovery on Tampen in the Dugong prospect in PL 882. To read more about the Dugong discovery please see Petrolia SE stock notice about the Dugong discovery and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate press release about the Dugong discovery.